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TAB fuel box

Tank- en Apparatenbouw De Blesse is the manufacturer of the well-known TAB Fuel Box. These have become well established in the Benelux and are sold internationally.

Do you have temporary storage capacity for diesel oil that you need for a generator, heater or machine? No problem! TAB De Blesse has developed the Fuel Box for this purpose.

This is a steel IBC for transporting diesel on public roads. The Fuel Box complies with the following quality marks: KIWA, ADR, Vlarem II, TÜV. It also has the UN mark.

The TAB Fuel Box differs from its peers by virtue of its robust and compact design. The TAB Fuel Box is stackable and made of thicker steel than usual in vulnerable parts (such as the area for forklift forks and the top of the IBC). What also catches the eye are the 4 galvanised corner pieces.


  • Fuel Box Compact
  • Fuel Box XL
  • Fuel Box & AdBlue Compartment
  • Fuel Box Tanker
  • Fuel Box Galvanised
  • Fuel Box Equator/Bumper

Of course, the Fuel Box can be fitted with a pump set. This can be a simple hand pump (crank pump) or an electric version for 12, 24 or 230 V.

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Different capacities

The TAB Fuel Box can be supplied in several capacities, each with four different fittings:

  • Fuel Box 450 litres
  • Fuel Box 950 litres
  • Fuel Box 2000 litres
  • Fuel Box 3000 litres

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