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Fuel tanks

Tank- en Apparatenbouw De Blesse designs and produces storage tanks of all types and sizes for all kinds of applications and industries. These can range from water tanks to oil tanks and storage tanks for fuel additives. All our above-ground and underground fuel tanks, whether horizontal or vertical, are manufactured by certified welders according to a strict internal quality system.

Tank- en Apparatenbouw De Blesse is the largest KIWA tank manufacturer in the Netherlands:

  • Underground tank construction
  • Above-ground tank construction
  • Prism tanks
  • IBCs (Fuel Box)
  • Belly tanks (sub-base tanks)

In all types and weights

We design and produce both underground and above-ground (horizontal or vertical) fuel tanks. Our tanks can reach a diameter of up to 6 metres and have a unit weight of up to 60 tonnes.

Standard product or customisation?

One of our standard products may meet your requirements. We have an extensive range of storage tanks. If not, our engineers will be happy to design a custom concept.

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