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Fuel Box delivery in Finland

We received photos of a delivery of a full load of IBCs in the snow in Finland.Over the last year we have built up a good cooperation…

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Delivery 10 Fuel Box 950 litres with GPS measuring system.

Delivery of 10 Fuel Box 950 litres completely according to customer's wishes, e.g. with double pump set and GPS measuring system. (Remotely…

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TAB De Blesse is ready for the future with AB's Digital Factory.

TAB De Blesse has obtained a complete insight into the production process through the implementation of Digital Factory. The need for…

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Delivery of belly tank/sub-base tank series

Delivery of a series of customer-specific, customised double-walled fuel tanks. These square flat tanks, also called belly tanks/sub-base…

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Several stainless steel tanks in Hillegomul

Nice project underway in the factory - several single-walled vertical stainless steel 316L storage tanks with different capacities…

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Supply of vertical tanks in Klundert

We delivered two vertical storage tanks in eye-catching colours to a customer in Klundert, Moerdijk. 70,000 litre tank (diameter 3400)…

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Biodiesel tanks in Eemshaven

Nice to be able to successfully complete another project with several above-ground storage tanks with a capacity of 100,000 litres…

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Underground tanks for Tango Grave

For customer TSG Netherlands we delivered several underground tanks for a new-build Tango location in Grave.

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135 x Fuel Box for Collé Rental

Today the first full load (of 6 in total) of our Fuel Boxes is heading for Sittard. This order consists of 135 tanks in various capacities…

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2 above-ground 100,000 litre tanks for the chemical sector

Two above-ground tanks with a capacity of 100,000 litres delivered today to a company in the chemical sector. Both tanks consist of…

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Glimpse of the men at the factory

A glimpse inside the factory at TAB De Blesse on this late summer morning. We are proud of our men!

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34 x Fuel Box 2000 litres

Looks good in the sun! 34 x Fuel Box 2000 litres Compact with a double pump set are ready for the journey to a customer in Kruishoutem,…

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Supply of degasser for Tuinbouw

This morning we had the honour of supplying this special degasser. This tank has a capacity of 25,000 litres and can withstand a pressure…

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150,000 litre tank in North Netherlands

Lovely supply of an above-ground tank with a capacity of 150.000 litres (length 16 metres, diameter 3.5 metres) for permanent storage…

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Delivery of Schiphol underground tanks

This morning we delivered 2 x double-walled underground 80,000 litre (including compartments) KIWA tanks for a new filling station…

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3x underground tanks for Suriname

These three double-walled underground 30,000 litre tanks are ready for a Shell export project. The tanks will be shipped to Suriname…

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