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Above-ground chemical storage tanks Bekijk details

Two above-ground tanks with a capacity of 100,000 litres delivered today to a company in the chemical sector. Both tanks consist of different compartments and are 100% coated internally with…

5 Vertical tanks of 60,000 litres in Beverwijk Bekijk details

For Reym, we delivered 5 vertical tanks of 60,000 litres for storage of waste water in Beverwijk.

Vacuum tanks for Qatar Bekijk details

Delivery of several vacuum tanks to Qatar. These tanks have a capacity of approximately 5m3 to 12m3 and are blasted both internally and externally. They are used for…

2 sludge drums (pressure tanks) for Vopak Bekijk details

Two special sludge drums delivered to Vopak. One has a capacity of 50,000 litres and the other a capacity of 70,000 litres is being installed. The sheet thickness of both is 12 mm and they…

10 vertical 25,000 litre tanks in Nieuwegein Bekijk details

4 of a total of 10 vertical storage tanks, diameter 2500 mm - 25. is being installed. These tanks were delivered in Nieuwegein and are used to store polyol and isocyanate.

Steam battery for Kolb Bekijk details

Stainless steel tank - 103,000 litres, Ø2900, weight of 25. 200 kg. Platforms also mounted at TAB. Delivered to the customer with special transport.

Delivery of slurry tank, Oosterstreek Bekijk details

Manufactured a new slurry tank for contracting firm Zwier from Oosterstreek and installed it on their trailer. So we'll be seeing this tank some time in the Noordwolde area.

34 x 2000 litre compact double pump set delivered to Kruishoutem Bekijk details

34 compact 2000 litre Fuel Boxes for a customer in Belgium. These are sprayed in company colours and fitted with a double pump set.

135 Fuel Boxes of various types sold to Collé Rental and Sales Bekijk details

Today the first full load (of 6 in total) of our Fuel Boxes is heading for Sittard. This order consists of a large number of tanks in different capacities (950, 2000 and 3000 litres) with…

Fuel Box 950 + AdBlue on a trailer Bekijk details

We supplied our customer Bol van Staveren from Dronten with this luxurious version of the Fuel Box. The capacity is 950 litres of diesel and 240 litres of AdBlue, and both are fitted with…

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