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Steel silos

Steel silos are mostly used as a storage buffer for a limited period of time. For this reason, silos stand on pillars and have a conical outlet at the bottom with a modified discharge system. TAB De Blesse’s steel silos guarantee robust storage and flawless discharge of solids or liquids.

Total project

Our silos are always 100% customised. Our engineers first calculate the correct dimensions and determine the suitable material. In addition, they design the aeration pads, dust filters, pressure relief valves and systems for the inflow and outflow of solids or liquids. Of course, we also take care of the required wind load calculations.

Carbon steel

Each silo is manufactured using quality carbon steel or stainless steel of certified European origin. We work according to a strict internal quality system. The final product also determines the appropriate internal coating. To this end, we work closely with the suppliers of our coatings.

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