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Fuel Box Tanker

The Fuel Box Tanker is available for our different capacities. Tankers for fast traffic have been developed for capacities of 450 and 950 litres. For slow traffic the choice is between the 2000 or 3000 litre Fuel Box.

The Fuel Box Tanker is provided with a tear-plate step, standard mudguards, wheels, automatic heavy folding nose wheel and support leg in sliding clamp at the rear.

Here you will find all the specifications, including the standard settings for the Fuel Box. Some spare connections are described in this. These are optionally used for an overfill protection (Euro Package), mechanical contents gauge and for the power supply to generators (AGG).

The TAB Fuel Box is coated with a standard RAL paint (RAL5010, RAL6005, RAL7016 and RAL9010). Other RAL colours can be treated on request.

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