TAB De Blesse B.V. is by far the largest tank and equipment manufacturer in the Netherlands.

Tank- en Apparatenbouw ‘De Blesse’ B.V.

TAB De Blesse is considered one of the pioneers in tank and equipment construction in the Netherlands. The company was founded as early as 1946, and has since been producing underground and above-ground storage tanks. Since 1975, the company has also specialised in the production of all kinds of equipment such as sand filter boilers, buffer vessels, separators and expansion vessels. TAB De Blesse’s high-quality storage tanks and equipment are now not only known in the Netherlands, but also internationally.

Top-class craftsmanship

Our many years of experience are reflected in the quality of our products, which is also guaranteed by our ISO 9001 internal quality system. In addition, we do everything in our power to ensure the timely completion of each project. Agreed deadlines are always respected. Choosing Tank- en Apparatenbouw De Blesse is choosing quality and speed.

Proud family business

TAB De Blesse has for many years been in the hands of a family business that is also very well known in tank construction. Quality and trust are of paramount importance to us. We are a leading partner in the fuel storage, industrial, energy and horticultural markets. We have a very wide range of tanks and equipment in all types and sizes. Whether a standard or custom-made tank, we have a solution for every request.

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