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Coating department

Thanks to our own blasting and coating department, we are able to carry out the entire process, from design to preservation, in house.

Our specialised coating department has been able to develop fully over the past decades, enabling us to apply a coating for virtually any application.

For above-ground storage tanks, for example, these are coatings in corrosion categories C1 to C5 for the most severe application environment.

For Kiwa-approved underground storage tanks, both the internal and external Sika Permacor epoxy coatings have been well established for decades.

Sika Permacor 2107 HS

Sika Permacor 2107 HS is an excellent corrosion protection epoxy coating for external application and complies with KIWA BRL-K 768/02.


Sika Permacor 2807 HS/A

Sika Permacor 2807 HS/A is a solvent-free epoxy coating for internal application with high resistance to water, aggressive waste water, flammable and non-flammable liquids, many chemicals and foodstuffs.
Permacor 2807 HS/A is an electrically conductive coating and therefore meets the KIWA requirements as set out in guideline BRL-K779/03.


Drink water coating

We are also certified for the application of 'drinking water coatings' according to KIWA BRL-K 746.


This has made us an important partner for (Dutch) drinking water companies

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